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We Rise
Releasing October 1, 2023

Dance is the movement of the universe concentrated in an individual - Isadora Duncan

Way Forward

​Inara Arts strives to raise awareness of the importance of dance and movement in our lives. Dance forms will range from Bharatnatyam to Modern Dance. By building awareness and consciousness, we hope to connect the mind and body towards our desired balance in life.


By connecting movements, we help individuals move through space and time and create their own patterns and encourage freedom in creativity. This education extends from kids to adults to explore their mind and body to explore space and connect with their true selves.

Our vision is to educate the community on how to execute movements through the art of dance. In future years, Inara Arts proposes to extend its performing arts beyond Dance and movement to other art forms in the future as they are interrelated for instance Visual Arts, Theatre and Music to name a few.


We aspire to grow well rounded individuals who can grow in myriad ways as artists to their full potential. We plan on involving accomplished artists and inviting them over for workshops as continuing education and learning in the infinite world of performing arts.

With 15 and more years of experience in the world of Banking and Advertising, Somdatta firmly believes with conviction on the value of performance art in our lives and how it’s extremely important to continuously nurture on in our lives.

Being actively involved in the world of performing arts, she believes that the science of movement becomes essential to find your inner balance in life to counter external stress we deal with.

Techniques that are fundamental in the dance forms of Bharatnatyam and Modern will be taught to prospective students. To be able to emote through your movements is where we would like our students to graduate to.

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